Have your team train with us!

In keeping with the vision of legendary coach Herb Brooks, FHIT Hockey is passionate about providing high tempo elite training in order to 'grow the base of the game.' Through personal interaction and attention to detail, FHIT Hockey aims to grow each association and improve skills from the base of the pyramid all the way to the peak.

Our new pilot program has been designed with USA Hockey’s Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) in mind. FHIT Hockey is looking to build lasting relationships with players and associations that span a player’s career from mite to bantam. By creating an exciting atmosphere, we will increase the experience of the kids while improving existing athletes and creating new ones.


High Tempo/Overspeed Training:

  • Encouraging mistakes
  • Improving reaction times
  • Inspiring players to challenge their limits

Individual Attention/Personal Connection:

  • Teaching life's lessons through the game
  • Establishing a relationship with every player
  • Creating a learning environment


Long-Term Athletic Development:

  • Energetic and hi-tempo drills
  • Improving multi-directional coordination and athleticism
  • Closely monitored to ensure quality repetitions

World-Class Training Facility:

  • Utilizing the Herb Brooks Training Center
  • Working to develop shooting/puck skills
  • Hundreds of training options
  • Building quality life habits

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