FHIT Performance PlyometricsIt all starts with balance, coordination, strength, and power. You will perform increasingly difficult foot drills using a variety of floor patterns and ladder drills to challenge your balance and allow you to develop the functional foot speed that your sport requires. Our agility drills were created to develop keen body awareness and control, allowing you to extend your boundaries of movement, increase foot speed, and generate faster response times. In addition to foot speed, strength and power are key elements. Utilizing our Russian boxes, sand bag plyo tubes, climbing ropes and multiple training techniques with tires, you will see strength and power gains. The abilities of each athlete vary so depending on the individual; box jumps will be executed to load the muscles to generate outstanding lateral and vertical power. During your training you will take part in specific core, chest, back, shoulder and leg circuits that will give you the strength and control needed to keep your speed. We offer all of the key elements to gain a step on the competition no matter what age you are or what sport you play.