Join us for our FREE Combine Preparation Testing. Each testing day will include:

  • 10yd, 20yd, 40yd – Laser Timed
  • 3 cone drill
  • Pro agility (5-10-5)
  • 225 bench rep Test
  • Vertical Jump
  • Broad Jump
  • A.M.S - Running analysis
  • M.G. - Muscle Fiber Function analysis
  • P.R. - (Test and Reset Treatment)

The data collected is yours to know where you are at and what your focus should be for preparing for pro day in March. There is NO CHARGE for this test and I would recommend considering giving yourself every opportunity to do everything you can in pursuit of prolonging your football playing career.

To RSVP for a FREE testing day click HERE

12/17 @ National Sports Center in Blaine

1/7 @ National Sports Center in Blaine

Tests Performed by:

Cal Dietz University of Minnesota Strength Coach and Author of Triphasic Training

Chuck Lobe FHIT Performance Director of Strength 15 years of college football experience