Bantam Membership

Schwan Super Rink, Blaine, MN

All skaters receive access to on and off-ice training up to:
3 days a week from March-May
4 days a week from June-August
3 days a week from September-October

  • Goalie have now been added to the program so each ice session will be divided up into 20 minute segments: 20 skating, 20 position specific drills, and 20 minutes of small area games.
  • Shooting and Stick handling classes: Players will be offered shooting and stick handling classes once a day Monday-Thursday and players will be able to sign up for them the same way the sign up for ice/workouts.
  • Players will also get the opportunity to set down for a 1 on 1 meeting before the program starts (entrance meeting) and then again towards the end of the program (exit meeting).
  • NEW this year - Players will now get the opportunity to participate in on-Ice and off-ice testing in the spring and again in the fall.

We only accept ​20​ players at each level.
Membership cost: $2,695

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