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Online Scheduling Rules & Policies

In order to curtail some of the on-ice scheduling issues we have encountered, we are instating a player/parent scheduling code of conduct. The code consists of a few simple requests of common courtesy that will allow us to better serve each of our members.

Each player will be given a certain number of credits at the start of their membership. 
Provided that the player has followed the guidelines for session registration and cancellation they will be given more credits to continue their training throughout the rest of their training season. Each player may sign up only for the designated groups in which they have been assigned.

Players are allowed a 24-hour cancellation period. In the event that a player must cancel a session he/she must cancel 24 hours before the session (However, every player has the ability to sign up for sessions up to the last minute of the skate provided that there is room).

Players who cancel within 24 hours, and have consistent unexcused absences or “No Shows” will be dealt with by means of the following penalties:

  1. Each time that a member cancels within 24 hours of the session or is a “No Show”, he/she will be charged $20, which will then be donated towards the Stenerson Sports Foundation.This fee will be automatically charged to the credit card on file from the player’s account.
  2. After a member has “No Showed” for 3 sessions within a two-month span they will be locked out of his or her account and required to meet with a coach to get the account unlocked.