FHIT Hockey welcomes the division of Human Performance.

Our mission is to help all individuals attain elite levels and mastery of their goals, whether it is in athletics, sports, health and wellness, or improving way of life. Our goal is to help individuals see that they can live a life with no limits. With proper training and guidance, human beings can live the miracles they are and reach levels of mastery in any area of life.

  • Personal Training: Personal athletic development and training
  • Testing: Individual and team testing
  • Nutrition: Nutrition analysis
  • Evosport: Evosport Training


FHIT Human Performance is looking for college students eager to learn new skills, techniques, and gain valuable experience in the field of Human Performance (Kinesiology/Exercise Science/Biomechanics/Coaching/Teaching). FHIT interns are driven, passionate individuals desiring to learn what it takes to get the best out of themselves and the individuals they train.

Interns will learn training techniques according to FHIT Human Performance standards and will be expected to proficiently teach these techniques. Part of the learning process is active participation. Human Performance interns are expected to invest themselves in learning our training system by actively and consistently participating in our training sessions. Through training and learning how to teach our training system, interns will gain mental skills in body awareness, recovery techniques, motivational techniques, teaching methods, and better learn how to give their all, all of the time.

FHIT Human Performance Internship:

  • 150 hours minimum
  • Junior and Senior class preferred
  • Background in training & athletics preferred

Send resume and cover letter via email to north@maphockey.net