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Dear Parents and Players,

With the recent announcement of school closings due to the Coronavirus we feel it is only right to follow the school board’s decision and to close our doors to our members for all activities starting March 16th with a plan to reopen on Sunday March 29th.

We do have two weeks (last week of school in June & first week back in September) that we typically build blocks into our schedule as time off. We are considering staying open and offering training during those times as a way to offset this closure. Final decisions will be made and communicated with you as soon as the length and impact of the closure is more clear.

It has been so fun to see all your faces return to our building over the past couple of days and it saddens us that we won’t be able to provide on-ice training or workouts in our facilities.

However, as resilient leaders we believe in taking difficult situations and making the best of it!

During the shutdown we will continue to serve you via our online programs including:

-5 Shooting and Stickhandling classes via video each week- these can be done at home
-The launch of our Premier Mindset Online Psychology program- which will include online training, live and recorded webinars
– FHIT Performance APP -new home workouts have been added so that you can continue to train and keep your body ready for when we get back on the ice
– FHIT Academy- online tutorials and insights into the details of the game, nutrition, vision training and more

We never knew the time and energy that we put into these programs would be used for a reason like this, but we know that if you take advantage of these resources you can come out of this break ahead of the competition.

Please keep a close eye on your email inbox as we begin to rollout these programs and of course for any other important announcements. Take care of yourselves, Stay healthy, Stay Active and we will be here to train you as soon as we can.




SPQ program is for EVERY athlete. No matter how many sessions you sign up for, each session can be used for approximately 55 minutes of: running treadmill, or plyometrics. Plyometrics encompass core training, strength training, foot speed and conditioning.


Utilize the expertise and creativity of some of the nation’s top minds in performance training. The FHIT Performance App allows our coaches to provide athletes with customized workout plans regardless of their age, skill, time of year, or location. Our coaches can create a strength and conditioning program to get you to the next level. Download the FHIT Performance app to your mobile device using the Apple App store or Google Play.


FHIT Performance


FHIT Performance provides cutting edge testing protocols to ensure our athletes have a clear understanding of what it will take to reach their goals and to know when they’ve met them. Testing also includes saliva analysis for Nutrition advising, Psychology Profiling, Video Analysis and Vision Training.